Soulseek Records Releases!

SLSK011 Astrology Compilation

Out Now SLSK011, Slskrex joins together for a reuinion of sorts. Exploring the world of astrology for this tounge in cheek apocalyptic themed release.

SLSK010 One Minute Massacre Volume 3

SLSK010, the 3rd volume of One Minute Massacre. This time 4 sets filling 2 cds. For those who are counting that's 80 tracks from 79 different artists.

SLSK009 VA Soulseed

Soulseed is a chillout compilation.

SLSK008 24 Hour Massacre Volume 2

24 Hour Massacre Volume 2

SLSK007 VA Trabant Chai

Trabant Chai made for another Lounge, this time in seattle. Theme of Russian Space Exploration.

SLSK006 One Minute Massacre Volume 2

The Original One Minute Massacre volume 2!

SLSK005 VA Corrupted Cause

Noise Compilation, mixed by ps and apetit!

SLSK004 VA 24 Hour Massacre

The Original 24 Hour Massacre!

SLSK003 VA Cenart

Cen-Art, made for a lounge in Barcelona

SLSK002 VA One Minute Massacre Volume 1

The Original One Minute Massacre!

SLSK001 VA Soulseek Compilation Volume 1

The first Soulseek Compilation

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