SLSK005 Corrupted Cause!


what: four sets of face-melting noise

who: created by soulseek records members
mixed by ps and apetit
artwork by rochie

why: because we hate your eardrums

when: collected in early to mid 2003, mixed nearly a year later, FINALLY released in april 2005


yeah, it's finally ready.
yeah, sets 1 and 2 are a different bitrate than sets 3 and 4, big whoop, wanna fight about it?
we encoded our sets differently and then lost the wav files. anyway, it's noise.. are you really worried about audio fidelity?

-apetit, march 2005

we all often feel a dark need to destroy all things in this world. soul corruption is induced by life; it's unavoidable and undesirable - unless you're the hardcore masochist artist type. Sadly we happen to be somewhat of that type, and when discussing the absence of such types amongst the regular soulseek records artists we realized we all have our dark side - just some are able to express it better than others - so we decided to lead this expedition into the worst sadomasochistic experience known to the music lover man: to create a full length long mix of the worst non melodic or rhythmic noise we could persuade our friends to submit to our cause. why? because we can.

-ps, april 2005


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